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Archive for February, 2008

Frontier Pharmaceuticals and Chlorine Dioxide Products

26th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

Adam Abraham has done it again. A great radio interview with the founder of Frontier Pharmaceuticals. Tells how they use 20 different chlorine dioxide products. Take a look at their products.

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Mexican Clinics for Cancer and other Chronic Disease

26th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

Doctors and Clinics found in Mexico. Mexico offers some of the most cutting edge therapies for cancer treatment that are not permitted in the United States. For many therapies found here one would have to travel to Germany for or China, especially for stem cell work. Some of these clinics offer significant results and extended […]

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MMS and William Hitt Cancer Center – Tijuana Mexico – Cure for the Common Cold and Much More

25th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

This is an interview by Adam Abraham with Dr. John Humiston on MMS and Chlorine Dioxide from the Hitt cancer center in Mexico. and see this doctor here. watch the short video at the end of this page: this doctor discusses the use of MMS with children. This discussion covers the failures of modern […]

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Universal Healthcare? Will Obama or Clinton Deliver what I want?

25th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

So the democratic candidates are for universal coverage. Thats great. Next time I break a leg or have an auto accident I may need it. I will be the first to want to go to the hospital. Countless people need health insurance but what about those who do not believe that conventional medicine is safe […]

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DCA Cancer Cure Supplement Now Available Again for Sale

24th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

This is looking very promising for those seeking alternative therapy for cancer! Even for Metasatic cancer. …………………………………………………………………. Here’s a forum where folks are talking about DCA: These following testimonials were lifted from the above address. I want to make sure that you read them. Then go to the above thecdasite for […]

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MMS and Adam Abraham

7th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

To Purchase the DVD just produced by Adam Abraham called “Understanding MMS – Conversations with Jim Humble” go here: MMS De-Mystified From Food For Thought: Radio Program with Adam and Jim Humble:,com_search/Itemid,5/ enter MMS Jim Humble and in the search bar and radio programs will appear for you to select For the […]

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Jim Humble – discoverer of MMS. Radio Interview with Adam Abraham on MMS

7th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

HealthSalon also stores MMS testimonials. Go to categories in left hand column and click on MMS Testimonials click on the search button Go to this site and put Humble in the search bar. 2007-09-07– Adam welcomes Jim Humble, author of Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. A metallurgist, gold prospector and […]

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Black Salve Cancer Treatment, Blood Root, Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Hoxey, Indian Herb per Jim Humble (updated 4/29/08)

6th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

Video Regarding Hoxey Treatment: …………………………………….. There is a “body wash” discussed on that is of course much diluted and used to make “bad spots” on the skin show up, for more intense treatment but it also seems to be killing off some surface things. If there is any relationship of this condition to […]

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UFO’s, Disclosure Project, Reverse Engineering for UFO’s, Stan Deyo, Anti-Gravity Scientists, How UFO’s will be Used to Control the People, UFO Technology, Magneto Hydrodynamic Plasma, Free Energy, Patterson Cell, Cold Fusion

4th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee

“Basically they decided that mankind was not ready for it.” Stan Deyo Who is they and how dare they judge? It has been no secret that many of the products we enjoy today have come from reverse engineering done with alien UFO’s as models for scientific unraveling. What they are not telling you is that […]

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