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Archive for June, 2008

MMS Testimonial

18th June 2008 by liegeman

MMS has been a godsend for my husband and I, things that we thought we had to live with are disappearing. I guess we just got used to feeling mediocre, and never thought we could feel good, or even great. MMS has forever changed our lives, and has a permanent place in our family.

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Iodine and Cardiac Conditions, Afib, Arrhythmias

15th June 2008 by Arrow Durfee

ATRIAL FIBRILLATION, ARRHYTHMIAS AND IODINE By Bruce West, D.C. [In Health Alert, June 2006, Volume 23, Issue 6. To order, call 831-372-2103, weekdays. Or write Health Alert, 100 Wilson Road, #110, Monterey Ca 93940.] “As you have read over and over in Health Alert, there is an epidemic of cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation in […]

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Treating Lyme with MMS – Rosemary’s Story 6/07/08

8th June 2008 by Arrow Durfee

June 6 2008 Hi Gang, I’ve had slow, but steady improvement on salt & C which took me from mostly housebound, on a walking frame & dying, to traveling overseas last year & not well, but actually having a life. Throughout my 29 year Lyme battle I’ve had flickery vision with flashing lights and blind […]

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Prostate Cancer, Alternative Treatments

3rd June 2008 by Arrow Durfee

Reported July 11, 2007 Dissolving Prostate Cancer DURHAM, N.C. (Ivanhoe Broadcast News) — For decades, ultrasounds have been used to determine the sex, size, and vitality of unborn children. Now, the same technology is being used to stop prostate cancer in its tracks.

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Arthritis and Potassium Deficiency

2nd June 2008 by Arrow Durfee

Summary: In a randomized, parallel group study involving 32 hypokalemic patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA), supplementation with 6000 mg/d potassium chloride dissolved in grape juice for a period of 28 days was found to significantly reduce pain, assessed via a visual analog scale.

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