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Archive for July, 2009

Avoiding MRSA

29th July 2009 by Carol

In the good ol’ days, when you skinned your knee, it was no big deal. You would avoid your mom who would try to put Mercurochrome on it which turned your knee red and stung like heck. In two or three days it would heal (if you didn’t do the other common kid thing which […]

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Emotions and Health

23rd July 2009 by Carol

It’s not surprising that our emotions affect our health. The “Type A” personality and its relationship to heart disease was identified fifty years ago, While the research in this area has been refined, what it has found is that the hostility aspect of Type A personalities is what is associated with heart disease. In other […]

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Walking: Easiest and Best Exercise

20th July 2009 by Carol

There are things we know we all need to do: eat healthy, get enough sleep, exercise. Yet sometimes we set up our lives so that there are barriers to doing these things. For example, on January first we might decide we finally have to lose all that extra weight and we join a gym. Unfortunately, […]

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Colloidal Silver vs. NutraSilver, Morgellon’s, MRSA, Fungal Infection

16th July 2009 by Arrow Durfee

Updated 12/09/09 We are living in a time where dangerous infections are closing in on us. We must take a stand to protect ourselves and our children. We must stand up to the FDA and the CDC. We must report on what works, what is truth, what diseases are real and what your risk is […]

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Mental Illness

14th July 2009 by Carol

Among the many challenges for people with mental illness is the stigma the American Dream society places on people who have mental illnesses. While attitudes have changed somewhat towards this type of illness in the past generation, at the root is a feeling that somewhere someone messed up and the mental illness is a result […]

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Prostate and Breast Cancer Cured by HIFU?

10th July 2009 by Arrow Durfee

If you have prostate or breast cancer there is now a possible cure with a relatively new procedure. Although it is not permitted in the USA or UK at the time of this writing the UK is looking at it closely in regard to prostate cancer and changes my be coming for them. You may […]

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Changing Health Habits

6th July 2009 by Carol

As we get older, we begin living with the consequences of poor choices we made when younger. All those extra pieces of cheesecake or the cigarettes start to show their effect in new and more annoying ways. A visit to the doctor will entail some kind of lecture about the need to change one’s lifestyle. […]

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