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Archive for November, 2009

Horsetail – Silica for Osteoporosis

25th November 2009 by Arrow Durfee

So I’ve been taking a clinical nutrition course and the instructor has been reluctant to make recommendations on product Brands but he has let 2 or 3 slip on through.   When we got to studying Osteoporosis he had a recommendation that took me by surprise. He recommends Horsetail and this specific product I show below. […]

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Baylock and Mercola On Swine Flu H1N1 and Vaccinations

5th November 2009 by Arrow Durfee

This is a must read article if you are considering taking the swine flu or any type of vaccination. Be sure to check out this blog for suggestions on how to prepare for the flu and how you might treat it if you get sick. Be sure to do a blog search on the use of Vitamin […]

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