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Archive for July, 2012

Is Nuclear Radiation Really Dangerous? Galen Winsor Tells Us.

11th July 2012 by Arrow Durfee

This is a really tough one for me to think about. You go through your life thinking that you have good information, you have the information common to all people gleaned from a lifetime of information coming your way via the media of news and magazines and world events. You listen to your governement on […]

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The World According To Monsanto – Your World!

11th July 2012 by Arrow Durfee

I bring this video forward because it is the most complete expose on the crime and evil intent of the monsanto corporation. Monsanto has worked in league with Dow, Searle, Cargill and other mega agricultural and chemical industires. Monsanto continues to take control of seed and is pushing the monsanto agenda on the USA and […]

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