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Essiac Testimonials

I am providing to you all links to all Essiac testimonials on the web that I can find. I envite anyone with a testimonial to send it to me to post on HealthSalon for the world to see. You can post your story anonymously but I would like to breifly contact you by email to verify. You may also leave your email or phone number on your testimonial if you would enjoy communicating with others about your experience. I can always remove this informaiton at a later date if you contact me. I will post all testimonials even if your story is about how Essiac didn’t work for you. I want the people to have access to the full spectrum of experience with Essiac.

Please be aware that there is no law against telling your story of cure with any alternative medicine. I have met people who have been concerned about this. What is against the law is to sell a product and claim a cure or medical benefit at the same time. HealthSalon does not sell any products so you are safe here to speak your truth.

Before you go further I recommend that you read my article on Essiac found here:

Testimonials from other sites:


Essiac tea is something to look into as well. Golf ball size lump in breast is size of a pea(4 months later).