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MMS Testimonials

MMS is a new therapy known for eradicating serious infection. As time goes by I will endeavor to post further MMS information within the MMS thread found in the left hand column. In this thread you will also find all the information and associated resources that have come to my attention. All testimonials are antedotal and it does not necessarily mean that MMS is an appropriate choice for you.

You can also put key words in the search bar located on the right of the page to find articles.

Some Key words: Lyme, Crohns, Parasites, MS, Jim Humble, William Hitt, 5% Sodium Chlorite, Adam Abraham, Hepatitis, warts, polyps, diverticulitis, MMS IV, MMS Video, MMS HIV, Sojogren’s

Here are the links to the most important MMS testimonials starting with the most recent.

MMS for Lyme Disease:
MMS experience day 7 for Lyme

Day 28

1 year 7 months

View comment #42 on this page regarding chronic bad breath:

View comment #41 on this page:

Hepatitis C:

Testimonials from the Genesis Church including some cancer cures:

Please be aware that all testimonials do not tell of a cure. Most tell of improvements. Sometimes MMS1 does not work at all and the reasons are uncertain. MMS1 needs scientific study to understand its best uses and applications.

Scabies parasite infection found in comments area on this page:

Pilonidal Sinus  see testimonial #8 on this page:

Kidney Stones see testimonial #7 on this page:

Flu see testimonial #6 on this page:

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and

MMS Testimonial No. 2 Dental Problems:

MMS Testimonial No. 3 – HQ’s experience (updated 03/31/08):

MMS Testimonial No. 4 – Possible Morgellon’s or Other Parasitic Disease:

MMS Testimonial No. 5 – Diverticulitis:

MMS Testimonial No. 6 – Crohn’s Disease and Parasites and Lyme Disease (updated 04/29/09):

MMS Testimonial No. 7 – Sjogren’s Disease:

MMS Testimonial No. 8 – Enlarged Thyroid Nodules (updated 12/02/07):

MMS and Dental Infection – Testimonial No. 9:

MMS and COPD – Testimonial No. 10:

MMS Testimonials No. 11 – Polyps, Prostatitis, Sore Throat, Elevated PSA, Melanoma:

MMS Testimonials No. 12 – Breast Cancer , Hepititis C , Warts, Infections:

MMS Testimonials No. 13 – Lyme Disease (updated 11/15/09):

MMS Testimonial No. 14 – a Cautionary Note:

MMS Testimonial No. 15 – a cure with 5% Sodium Chlorite:

MMS Testimonial No. 16 – Improved General Health (updated 12/11/07):

MMS Testimonial No. 17 – Using MMS with Animals:

MMS Testimonial No. 19 – Hepatitis C:

Testimonial No. 20 – Ulcerative Colitis Treatment and Cure With MMS:

MMS Testimonial No. 21 – Sebaceous Cysts – Treated with Iodine and MMS:

UTI, bronchitis, insomnia:

You can read testimonials at Curezone here:,571&s=59&u=1&o=31253